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    importing from a hand-created excel file

    While attempting to import a long list of contact information from an excel file into my contacts folder in outlook 2000, only the top three names will transfer regardless of the order of the list. All the names apparently will transfer, however they will only go three at a time and I am forced to continuously alter the list so as to import information about another three. Can you help?

    Michael Fox
    Ithaca, NY

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    Re: importing from a hand-created excel file

    Have you defined a named range in the Excel spreadsheet? Outlook needs to see a defined range before it imports.

    Go to Excel and select the entire batch of information you want to import. Go to Insert|Name|Define and name the range.

    Then close the Excel document and start the import in Outlook, when asked, select the range you've named.

    That should work - email me if that isn't clear.


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