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    Linking Records in Tables Using 2 Fields (2000)

    I've conducted a survey on workplace injuries. The survey had identical questions for 3 different injuries that the respondent may have suffered. Because respondents had 0-3 injuries, and many questions could have multiple different responses (e.g. body part injured) I set up multiple relational tables. Each record of each table has a respondent ID and injury number.

    My question is how to link these in queries. For example, I want to know when respondents suffered fractures, what body part was injured? I put tblBodyPart and tblInjType in a query. I put tblBodyPart.BodyPart in the grid. Then I put tblInjType.InjType in the grid, and set the criteria for "Fracture". Then I create joins between both ID and InjNo between the 2 tables (I only want the records for which both ID and InjNo are identical between the two tables). Access allows me to do this in design view, but when I run the query I either get an error message of ambigous outer joins, or else it opens with every member of one table paired with every member of the other table. I've tried changing the joins to various directions, which hasn't helped. Any suggestions for this? Do I need to set up many-to-many relationships? If so, how do I do this?



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    Re: Linking Records in Tables Using 2 Fields (2000)

    You'll have to give us more details of the tables you set up and their relationships.

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