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    Autotext Entry w/formatted next pg section break

    Using Office 2000&Word 2000 w/HP5SI printers. When inserting an autotext entry (created in Word 97 or lower) with a next page section break to change the top margin and the paper source, the first page takes on the page settings of settings stored in the autotext entry for the second page, and the second page gets the formatting for the first page. Any thoughts?

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    Re: Autotext Entry w/formatted next pg section break

    Unless I misunderstand what you're doing, this sounds like Word's built-in behavior.
    Page setup properties are stored in the section break at the end of any given section (and if the document has only one section, they're stored in the last paragraph mark in the document).

    So let's assume you're starting with a one section document. The page setup is stored in the last paragraph mark.
    When you insert the autotext (which includes a section break), everything before the new section break will take on the page setup properties that are stored in that section break.
    And the remainder of the document (your second page) will still be getting its formatting from the paragraph mark at the end of the document.
    To get what you want, you actually may need to have two section breaks in the autotext.

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