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    Lost Default Printer (Access 2003)

    I teach a basic office class including Word, Excel and Access. This year our lab upgraded to Office 2003 and my class has worked it way through basic Word and Excel exercises. This week we tried to move on to Access but quickly ran into problems. The first problem was the loss off the default printer on our network. You just don't see it from Access. Pop back over to Word or Excel and it's there. Go to the windows control panel and it's there. I am sure there are other features not available, but I know we tried Autoreport and that just didn't work..

    All students sign on in a Windows XP network into one domain. I have looked at the Access security settings but these are quite new to me and I'm not sure if that's what is limiting our ability to us Access functions or not.. When I sign on as the lab administrator, it still doesn't allow me to print reports, queries or datasheets. Any suggestions would be appreciated

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    Re: Lost Default Printer (Access 2003)

    Sorry that noone responded to your post - it got lost in my queue and I missed it as perhaps it did for others. Printer settings are a bit of a challenge with Access in particular, but for very basic things it usually works just fine. The only thing that comes to mind is the possibility that a printer has not be actually selected as the default printer. Access is a bit weird in that it insists that a default printer be set, as you can set it up to print to other than the default printers. FYI, the Access User Security settings should not affect this issue - they are related to the ability to see or change the properties of various objects, and unless you are getting an Access login prompt, it isn't active at all.

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