Just a short reminder that there is absolutely no point in emailing loungeadmin requesting answers to computer problems. I get about 10 to 15 emails a day in the general genre like :

<UL><LI>My computer has been running very slow ... What do you think I should do ?
<LI>I've deleted an file, can you find it for me ?
<LI>How do I change my password ?[/list]You get the idea, right.

All these questions should be asked within the lounge to the lounging community, not myself. However, any questions relating to the lounge shouldn't be asked before you checked the online help, it just wastes everyone else's time answering the bleeding obvious.

Check out the rules and the <img src=/S/help.gif border=0 alt=help width=23 height=15> system (see link on top of every page), but always remember that the lounge is here for the benefit of all. Also, remember that just by the fact that you have posted a question here is by no means a guarantee that your problem will be solved.

This is a FREE service provided by other users, WMVPs and Moderators of the lounge, they are all volunteers, none of them are "obliged" to help, they help because they like to, not because they have to! If the collective wisdom of this resource doesn't work for you, I suggest you go and get some professional advice, but, at the risk of sounding patronising, don't do so unless you have asked for and been given an estimate of the commercial cost involved.