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    Macro for Table Export to Text (2002)

    I am using a macro to export the contents of a Table ("Routing Table") to a Text file ("Output File") and need to use predefined export criteria for the Fixed Width ("Routing Table Export Configuration"). I set up a "TransferText" macro and use the following settings:

    -Transfer Type: Export Fixed Width
    -Specification Name: Routing Table Export Configuration (my saved export format)
    -Table Name: Routing Table
    -File Name: Output File
    -Has Field Names: No
    -HTML Table Name: (leave blank)
    -Code Page: 20127: US-ASCII

    When I run the Macro, I get an error box that states "Cannot update. Database or object is read only." The database is not read only, nor is the table. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Macro for Table Export to Text (2002)

    When you export to a text file, the name of the export file MUST have an extension of either .txt, .csv, .tab or .asc. Any other extension, or no extension, will cause the error you mention.

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