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    Is Outlook automatically compacting now? (Outlook 2003)

    I recently moved a whole pile of mail to archive, which left me with a 230Mb-size file (shown in Explorer) with just 180Mb email messages (from Outlook -> Folder Size). Normally, I would have expected to compact this because everyone knows Outlook files just keep getting bigger, right?

    Well, I went away for an hour, and when I came back the hard disk was chugging slowly (like it does when you defrag) and I accidentally clicked on my Explorer window. Imagine my surprise, to find my email folder down to 190Mb! Even as I write, it has shaved another few Mb off.

    Does this mean that Outlook will actually compact on the fly now?

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    Re: Is Outlook automatically compacting now? (Outlook 2003)

    Yes. The algorithm may not be as efficient as possible, but it works. Also remember that your PST files will hold more than e-mail files.
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