I'm writing something for our Intranet, which is IE5.5.

I've got a very large collapsible list hierarchy. But in some circumstances, the "event.srcElement" isn't what I expect it to be, and that causes me some problems.

The following HTML reproduces the problem:
<script language="JavaScript">
function change(){
<li id="Hd1" style="left=6">Level 1
<ul id="List1">
<li id="Hd2" style="left=7">Level 2
<ul id="List2">
<li id="El">Level 3a
<li id="El1">Level 3b[/list][/list][/list]

<span id="Display"></span>

It works OK when the mouse is over text ot to the right. But, when the cursor is in the white space to the left of "Level3b", for instance, the "event.srcElement.id" shows as "Hd2".

Is there any way of determining that, for instance, if the cursor is in a different line from the first line of the srcElement, do something different from when the cursor is in the first line?