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    Diff OL folders for diff. Win users on same PC?

    Hi folks!

    Trying to set up OL2000 so that several different family members using a home PC can have access to DIFFERENT Calendars, Contacts, Inbox, etc. folders.

    I though that the way to handle this on our Win98 PC would be to set up Profiles and have each user log in to Windows under their own username and then they would have access to a 'fresh' copy of OL's Inbox, Calendar, Contacts, etc. (and in setting up the Profiles, I had Windows create FRESH
    copies of the Desktop, etc).

    However, this doesn't seem to work. For example, a calendar item (eg., appointment) set up in OL under one windows user ID still shows up in OL of another user ie., if I log off windows on first user's ID then log in to the second user's ID.

    How do I create separate, self-contained copies of OL's Personal Folders in OL for each different Windows user?



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    Re: Diff OL folders for diff. Win users on same PC?

    sounds like you are using Internet mode, but it really doesn't matter since you are using different windows logons.

    when each member sets up the outlook profile, they need to tell outlook to look in their own folders for the pst. move or rename the current pst, open outlook and when it complains, browse to the user's my docs folder and create a new pst there, using the user's name.... mom.pst, dad.pst, sister.pst. if they have things to move from the formerly shared pst, open it using file > open after the new pst is added and drag the items over. then file > close.

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    Re: Diff OL folders for diff. Win users on same PC?

    I had a similar situation for my home computer but wanted to separate work account, personal account and the rest of the family's accounts.

    The trick I found was to initially OL200 as a corporate NOT as Internet Mail Only account. I just ignored the request for Microsoft Exchange Servers and set each profile with Internet Mail accounts in separate working directories (ex C:OutlookWork; C:OutlookPersonal; etc). You can add multiple Internet Mail accounts to each profile (ex personal has main ISP account, Yahoo account and a HotMail account).

    Each profile will have there OWN set of contacts, calendars, mail, etc. I also like the Personal Address book over contacts - compatible with Outlook 98 being used at work.

    Using the "Mail" Icon in Control Setting, you can designate one of the profiles to be default. HOWEVER, when you click on the Outlook icon, you have a popup menu that allows you to designate the profile you want to enter.

    If you are worried that the kids will read you E-Mail messages or send them in your name, you can use the password function to access you profile. CAUTION - DO NOT LOSE PASSWORD IF YOU USE IT !!!!!

    Hope this helps

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