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I have many queries in an Access2000 database that I insert into Word as fields using a simple SELECT sql statement like 'SELECT * FROM qryMYQUERY WHERE ID = 1'.

This works fine, except I do not want to show the ID field in the resulting Word table. I want to be able to change the qryMYQUERY in Access (including changing fields) and have it update in word. Basically, I want a query more like 'SELECT * EXCEPT ID from qryMYQUERY WHERE ID = 3'. (or a visibility option like Access allows)

Apparently there is no 'EXCEPT' reserved word in the SQL Language.

The only field that I guarantee to be in the query is the ID field. I don't want to read in the field names and 'build' the query because then I would lose the flexibility of keeping the query in Access.