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    Toggle Boilerplate in a Word Document (Word 2000 SP3)

    Is there any way to insert a couple of different options for boilerplate text in a Word template? For example, "I will be attending the [A/B] meetings in [LOCATION A/LOCATION B] on [DATE A/DATE B] and look forward to seeing you there." Ideally these choices would be linked so that I could simply choose A or B and the proper text would appear in each spot in the document. Obviously one solution would be to create two entirely different templates but I would prefer not to do this because I find that I keep making adjustments to the original template (a letter) and I would need to then remember to make the same changes in each additional template. Please let me know if this is not clear and many thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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    Re: Toggle Boilerplate in a Word Document (Word 20

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by Andrew Lockton on 10-Nov-04 10:12. Added MVP site link as this explains autotextlists fully.)</P>You can set this up relatively easily.

    The autotextlist field is a likely candidate - <!post=Phil Rabichow's post 249793,249793>Phil Rabichow's post 249793<!/post> should get you started but you will find many references to this field type on this forum.

    If you really want the other fields to be automatic dependent on the first choice then you might want to use an If field which tests the value of the first field. Post back after you have the autotextlist field working and I can explain this further for the subsequent fields.

    A better link to explain autotextlists is found on the Word MVP site
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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