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    Envelope Tray in LaserJet III

    I was printing some reports on 5.5x8.5 paper on my HP Laserjet III. (Yea, I know, its old) Anyway, I was feeding the sheets manually, one-at-a-time through the manual feed slot on the top of the normal paper tray. That tray feeds them in the center. Then, it hit me that I should be able to size my envelope tray to 8.5x11.5 and let it feed them. I did resize it and it too feeds them down the center.

    However, the printout I get with the envelope feed is nothing like the one I get via manual feed even though I never told the computer I had changed anything. When manual feed, the page is filled with print, as it should be. With the envelope feed, the left half of the sheet is blank and the printing starts in the middle of the page and runs all the way to the margin with part missing. It looks like the printing was picked up and moved to the left 2.5 inches without moving the paper.

    The LCD on the printer showed a message saying it knew there was an envelope tray inserted so I'm assuming the printer did some scaling or moving of the printout based on the tray switch. Any suggestions on how to correct this?

    Ronny Richardson

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    Re: Envelope Tray in LaserJet III

    Look at the printer properties. If there is nothing there to suggest what you want then go back to the way that was working.


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