I thought this would make an interesting, if not light-humoured post for all the connoisseurs of the palette out there!

Proofreading menus before they are printed can often lead to the discovery of some hilarious <img src=/S/rofl.gif border=0 alt=rofl width=15 height=15> menu typo's; The list below contain some embarrasing, yet very true finds in some of the worlds finest menu's:

See the list below for some of the Mishap Meals of the Day -- Only Served at Woody's Lounge:

Soup of the dog
Butter, served on a fresh, warm nun
Kindly beans
Dark meat of chicken -- two things and two legs
Pork with geek and garlic
Kid's menu ( served to chicken under 12 )
Curried lamp and rice
Scared breast of chicken
Cork chops
All meals serve with a bottle of our finest red wire!
<img src=/S/yum.gif border=0 alt=yum width=15 height=15>

So -- what would it be sir / ma'am???....