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    JavaScript code not running under PWS

    I've been developing a web with FrontPage 2000 and uploading it to our web host with no problems. I can log onto the internet and view my web in a browser and everything works and looks good.

    Some of my web pages have JavaScript code in them. It's mainly simple stuff. For example, clicking on a certain link opens up a new browser window (implemented using JavaScript). Again, this works fine when I'm looking at my web page in my browser on the internet.

    A month ago, I installed PWS on my computer. I intend to use it to continue developing my modest web and to use it for testing prior to publishing the web to my web host. This should save a lot of trouble and time...(if it works <img src=/S/sigh.gif border=0 alt=sigh width=15 height=15>-Sigh).

    I also installed the FrontPage Server Extensions (version 1.2 - the latest version). I enabled these for the web running on PWS.

    Then, using FP2000, I published my web to PWS. No problem.

    When I run my web on PWS, everything looks fine. I can click through my links and my pages come up looking like they are supposed to. However, my problem is that my JavaScript doesn't run. For example, when I click on a link that should open up a new browser window (implemented using JavaScript, as mentioned above), I get the message "Error on page" at the bottom of the IE browser, and nothing happens.

    The properties for my web (using PWS->Advanced ... Right-click on the web->Properties) show that access is enabled for Read and Scripts (execute is off - since the code runs on the client side, and not the server side).

    I've looked through the documentation that comes with PWS and cannot find anything about this. I've searched the Microsoft kb and done searches with Google, but can't seem to find anything.

    I hate to bother you here with this problem, but I can't seem to figure this one out on my own.

    Again, the problem is, "How do I get the JavaScript code on my web pages to run under PWS?"

    Thanks so much for your help.

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    Re: JavaScript code not running under PWS

    I haven't got an instant answer - but this is what I would start checking.
    Try another browser ie netscape - to view your pages. It may be a browser problem.
    Look at the published html - does it match what you created?
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