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    IIS 5/Nfuse 1.5 and Citrix Metaframe 1.8 SP2 FR1

    Dear all, here's hoping someone will be able to help ... I have a Web server
    which sits on port 80 with the nfuse extensions installed and pointing to
    the same port (this is to publish my applications to the web!!), that is the
    first bit ... next bit is ... I have a windows 2000 server, terminal
    services installed and citrix metaframe for windows 2000 installed and
    working, this box has got it's own IIS website which is on port 80, I have
    tweaked the Nfuse port to also be 80. I have three citrix servers pointing
    to the main web site, two have internal web sites and one has got no web
    services installed, my problem is -- When I try to connect to my servers
    over the internet, only the one without web services running locally
    works... nfuse seems to get confused will all the servers being on port 80,
    to resolve the problem I have changed the nfuse ports to 8080 and remodified
    the web pages to accomodate this but this was a temporary solution as I have
    to have the port set to 80 ... any suggestions ?

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    Re: IIS 5/Nfuse 1.5 and Citrix Metaframe 1.8 SP2 FR1

    How sad am I!? Managed to fix this annoying little problem .. it appears to be a bug (undocumented) when publishing Nfuse pages in a multi-iis environment. Send me a private if you want the detail.

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    Re: IIS 5/Nfuse 1.5 and Citrix Metaframe 1.8 SP2 FR1

    >>Send me a private if you want the detail
    NO. Post it here out where we can all see it.
    <IMG SRC=>

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