I'm refurbishing a 400 Mhz Celeron computer. I installed Win 98 SE, and then by mistake I attempted to install the wrong video driver. I have since found out that the proper driver would be the Trident TGUI 9680.

Then the computer got stuck when it booted in normal mode, and then it would restart itself in safe mode. This happened repeatedly. I went into the device manager and deleted the video driver. I expected it to automatically restore VGA when I rebooted. Instead, I have now rebooted many times, and there is no display adapter listed in the device manager. But when I go into display properties, and choose advanced and then adapter, I am told that the incorrect display adapter driver is still there. But I am in safe mode, and I can't uninstall the adapter on the display properties screen.

I am an experienced user and am comfortable making changes in the registry or editing DOS .ini files, but I need instructions on where to go and what to change.

I believe I can solve the problem by wiping the hard drive and re-installing Wndows, but I was hoping I could find a faster solution.


Harriet Bograd