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    sometimes repports fail to function (2000 sp-3)

    Puzzled as to why my reports works on other peoples

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    Re: sometimes repports fail to function (2000 sp-3)

    Since the database works on your PC, you will have to test on one of the problem sites.

    The code behind the Switchboard form contains a function HandleButtonClick. This function gets called when the user selects an option in the Switchboard form. You should temporarily comment out the line

    On Error GoTo HandleButtonClick_Err

    by inserting an apostrophe ' in front of it. If you then select one of the options that cause an error, you will get to see the "real" error message generated by Access, and you can go into Debug mode. Again, this will only be useful on one of the PCs that has problems, not on your own PC.

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