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    Printing from Outlook (Outlook 2003)

    I have acomputer running Windows 2000 SP4 current with all updates and Outlook 2003 installed. Trying to print to a network printer (tried a few different printers) and nothing prints whether I use the print icon or File-Print or opent the email and try both of those or right click and select print - it just never hits the queue although I do see the notification that it is sending the job. I have run all the spyware/adware cleaners, AV is current, stopped and started the local print spooler service. It will print to various printers from other programs such as Word and Excel just not Outlook.
    Any suggestions?? At a loss at this point.
    Oh, also it is not profile specific as we tried several users logins including our admin login.

    Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

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    Re: Printing from Outlook (Outlook 2003)

    Does it make any difference what format the message is? For example, plain text messages are printed using some internal code, while HTML messages seem to require interaction with the components of Internet Explorer. For rich text, I couldn't say.

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