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    MsWord to pdf conversion (2000)

    I have been using pdf995 for a little over a month very successfully. But I just tried to convert a newsletter from MS Word 2000 to pdf and some weird things happened:

    In one subhead, all the spacing between the words disappeared and they ran together.

    When changing things with superscript, such as 1st, 11th, etc. the superscripted type was superimposed over the number rather than following it.

    Some places within text had spaces inserted--even in the middle of words--for no apparent reason?

    In some places a letter, or a whole word, would just drop out, leaving a hole in the text? I could'nt close the hole or insert the dropped text.

    Is there something I can do to correct this?

    When I go back to the regular MS Word document, everything is as it should be, yet every time I convert it the same things happen. I tried deleting the offending area and retyping, but it just happens again.

    Any suggestions???

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    Re: MsWord to pdf conversion (2000)

    I assume it looks great printed on paper. Are you using a printer driver to create the PDF (i.e., print to PDF)? Some of the PDF printer drivers, like regular printer drivers, may lack complete font support. Of course, if you are using standard fonts like Times New Roman and Arial, it would have to be something else, but if it is a decorative font, or one that Windows identifies as belonging to a particular printer, that could be a problem.

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