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    linked files in same directory (excel 2000 ver 9.0.3821 SR-1)

    I tried using the search feature, but must not have used the right wording to find what I want.

    Can some one tell me how you can shorten the link path when linking 2 documents that are in the same directory?
    The last time I used this feature was a few years ago with a different company so can't go back and check how it was done.

    We have to start archiving some documents and currently links read something like
    =+'G:RAUUSER1Claims OperationsClaims DataNature[Nature_Open.xls]All Data'!C3

    the linked files are in different directories, however if they get archived, then retrieved the links won't work unless they are located in the same directories as they previously were.

    If I move the documents into the same directory, then change =+'G:RAUUSER1Claims OperationsClaims DataNature
    to the syntax that denotes the files are in the same directory then if they are ever retrieved, the links will work.

    Thanks for any assistance.

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    Re: linked files in same directory (excel 2000 ver

    Since the files are in the same directory,

    =+'G:RAUUSER1Claims OperationsClaims DataNature[Nature_Open.xls]All Data'!C3

    should now work as simply

    =+'[Nature_Open.xls]All Data'!C3


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