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    buy new pc: run Excel macro

    Hi all. i was thinking to buy new pc just to install Windows,Microsoft Office 2002 and run two Excel files only. one Excel files contains macros about 10k KB storage and another file contains data running macros from the first file about 50k KB storage. and i was thinking to save cost to buy such pcs cause only run macros all day long.

    my question is, what is important and what is not important in a pc to run macros ? (and i can drop or lower the cost of what is not important).
    any recomendation for:

    criteria: varies brands for items above to consider and their prices.
    pc objective: run good macros (i am sure it is 'fast').
    user objective: to minimise cost.

    any special hint to take note?
    (or just scrap all above and take something else in?)

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    Re: buy new pc: run Excel macro

    More memory and faster processor will make things run faster, but how much benefit depends on what the macros are doing.
    More disk space does not affect performance, again, need depends on what macros do.

    Another factor is the efficiency of the macros.
    Excel macros can be very inefficient. I recoded a client's macros and reduced run time by 99.2% and there's likely still more room for impriovement.
    More memory and faster processor ovedrcomes some of the inefficiences, but if a macro is to run ALL dat, one needs to assure that it is efficiently written.

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    Re: buy new pc: run Excel macro

    I have moved the replies to this thread to the VB/VBA board, as we were discussing the relative merits of recorded vs hand crafted VBA code. They can now be found at <post#=426275>post 426275</post#>.


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