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    Yahoo Removes SAProxy From Market Place

    Information only; Yahoo acquired Stata Labs on October 20th. The company's two products: SAProxy & Bloomba will no longer be upgraded and are no longer available. SAProxy was a Windows based version of the (highly effective) open source Spam Assassin. Bloomba had a very efficient mail-indexing engine.

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    Re: Yahoo Removes SAProxy From Market Place

    There is a not-very-active mailing list for SAProxy, on which people are discussing the need for Yahoo! to release the source code for the product pursuant to its open source license. So sometime in the future, it is possible that SAProxy 2.x will return to life in its precompiled, double-click-to-install form. For now, the list of steps required to install it from its numerous components is too daunting for most people. (The older version I have available on a web site, but it requires a lot of training and is not so convenient for Outlook users.)

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