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    Killing Connections (2000)

    I have a FE/BE1/BE2 application - meaning the users read information from two sources but only write back to one source. It came to be this way due to corruption of the entire BE when only one table was being used to write data to. (OUR NETWORK S**KS...constant network drops) I moved that one critical table into its own BE (<200kb) which is a lot quicker to recreate and replace when it becomes corrupted. My question is can I disconnect the users to the BE2 from inside the BE1 database. BE1 is always open on a seperate machine. Info - our users are spread out over an entire state with various network speeds and hardware setups. It has become a constant battle to keep BE2 available.

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    Re: Killing Connections (2000)

    Your situation is a common problem with Jet-based back-end databases. This recent thread starting with <post#=412959>post 412959</post#> should provide some direction in setting up a mechanism for dropping users. In addition, there are some commercial packages that provide even greater control - I believe FMS has one which you can check out at

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