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    2002 problems with 97 db (Access 2002)


    I have an internal call where the user recently got Office XP Prof SP3. The rest of her team is still on Access 97. The first day the user accessed the 97 db, the other teammates had to get out of the database. The user opened the db read only (eg without converting it). They all were able to work for the rest of the week.

    Then this week she started to have the error message: 'The db that you are trying to open or convert is currently in use, or you do not have permission to open it exclusively." There is more to the message but it doesn't seem to make sense if she was able to open the the db and work previously.

    Any ideas?

    How well does Access 2002 share A97 databases in amixed and multi-user environment? Any documentation on this?



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    Re: 2002 problems with 97 db (Access 2002)

    First of all, your users shouldn't all be trying to use the same database, although it's perfectly OK for them to work in local copies linked to the same data back end. Secondly, unlike 97, all later versions of Access require an exclusive lock on the database in order to make design changes of any kind. If someone else opens the database and makes changes, Access XP will not allow that user to open it as well because it needs to make a sort of temporary conversion and it can't do that when someone else is in there in 97. In addition, you're asking for trouble with your present scenario, because it will be too easy for the XP user to accidentally convert the database, which will make it completely unusable by the 97 users.

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