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    Publisher 2003 Line Spacing Anomalies (2003)

    I am encountering a wierd problem related to line spacing in Publisher 2003. The last line of every paragraph seems to be spaced differently than what the rest of the paragraph has. This appears even on the built in templates (see first newsletter template, for example). When printed or viewed, there is a measurable increase in line spacing just for the last line of a paragraph that is visible and really messes up the overall look of the page. In checking the line spacing settings, there doesn't appear to be any differences, but it is visible nonetheless. Is this a bug? Is there anyway to fix it?


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    Re: Publisher 2003 Line Spacing Anomalies (2003)

    Hi and welcome to the Lounge. Yes, it certainly seems to be a bug. One way around it however, is to align your paragraph text to the baseline guides. This introduces a few other problems (overrides styles) but it does align the last sentence of the paragraph correctly. In publisher, click on help and then search for "baseline guides" (without the quotes). There is quite a bit of information here. To get everything properly aligned, you may have to alter the spacing of the baseline guides - Arrange>Layout Guides>Baseline Guides. It seems to be a trial and error thing. Hope this helps.
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