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    Using the 'My Site' feature (2003)

    I am praying that someone who monitors this site can help me with this because I have searched and searched on every combination of criteria I can think of as well as searching Micorsofts info and have yet to find the answer and I really need this pretty bad.

    In any of the Office 2003 programs if you have WSS (Sharepoint/Share Portal) setup on your network then you can enable Office to work directly with files saved to locations on the WSS portal site. I had this working fine when I first setup WSS 2003 about 6 months back. Since then I had to reformat my server that WSS was installed on due to hard ware issues. The new server did not use the same name as th prior one. Now I am unable to get any of the Office programs to recognize 'My Site'. They all keep trying to load it from the old servers path. I can't figure out how to update the value of 'My Site' so the computer looks to the correct location.


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    Re: Using the 'My Site' feature (2003)

    As a temporary workaround, you can add an alias to your WINS server which points the NetBIOS name of the old server to the IP Address of the new server. Or maybe that needs to be in the hosts file (depends, I guess, on the nature of the access.)

    In the longer run, I suspect this is stored in the registry. It probably will be a few weeks before I have a Windows 2003 Server running that I could play with. In the interim, if you search for the old path in your registry, perhaps it will turn up the relevant key(s) and value(s)?

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