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    Convert 95 to 2003 (Office 2003)

    Can someone tell me what is involved in the following:

    Converting MS Office 95 files(MS Access database, Word and Excel)to MS Office 2003 formats including fixing any incompatibility issues.

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    Re: Convert 95 to 2003 (Office 2003)

    It may be trivial or it may be substantial. It all depends on whether a significant amount of code exists. In Access for example, you can import forms,tables queries, etc and for the most part they will be functional. On the other hand, if there is lots of Access Basic, it can be a substantial challenge. You might want to look at the Access Conversion utility that was released at the same time as SP1 for Office 2003 - it would be a useful tool if there are lots of databases, as it analyzes Access databases for incompatibility. Similar issues may exist in Word and Excel - for example Mail Merge changed dramatically from Word 2000 to Word 2002. I don't know of any comprehensive list of changes for all Office products - one thing I do know is that the Office Binder is no longer supported after Access 2000. Hopes this gets you started - you will undoubtedly find other things.

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