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    How to AutoStart to Music, not URL

    I have a few "enhanced CDs" that startup with a link to a web page instead of just playing the cuts. Can I get them to initiate my default music player, and disable the weblink thing? To clarify, I am not asking how to start my music player and then play the CD; or how to disable auto-start. Just how to get auto-start to start the music. Thanks.

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    Re: How to AutoStart to Music, not URL

    I don't have time this AM to research this, but you might find the information you're looking for here. HTH

    Later that same day........... I found this information here

    Playing ECDs on your Computer
    Your computer thinks the ECD is a data disk, but you want to play the music. You will need to start the CD Player program, then play the music. The quickest way to do this is:
    insert a normal audio CD and let the player program start up
    eject the audio CD
    insert the ECD
    press Play

    For Windows users, if your CD player software does not recognize the music on the disk, try using CDMax. It's a freeware player that includes links to the CDDB database of album and song titles.
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    Re: How to AutoStart to Music, not URL

    If you hold down the shift key while inserting the CD and letting Windows spin it up, AutoPlay will be blocked. Right-click the CD drive in My Computer or Windows Explorer, choose Properties, then the AutoPlay tab. Does it say "music files" or "mixed content"? Whatever it thinks that CD is, try setting a different action and see if it works.

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