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    Signatures and mail accounts (Outlook XP and 2003)

    I am trying to associate a particular signature with a particular email account. In the setup portion of signatures, that is an easy task, but... When I click on the "New" icon on the toolbar, I get a new email using the default email account with its accompanying signature. My understanding of how to change the sending email account is to click the New button, then in the new email window, click the "Accounts" button and choose whatever sending account you wish. However, choosing a different sending account does not change the signature in the new email. I do know that you can use the Insert menu choice to add the correct signature, but then you have to delete the old, default signature in a separate step. And so I wonder: is there a more automatic way to get the correct signature on a new email depending on which account you use? Thank you for your thoughts on this.

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    Re: Signatures and mail accounts (Outlook XP and 2

    Outlook makes it inconvenient to change your default account. A completely different approach to what you're doing is to create a form, template, or stationery file for each account, and use those to create your new blank message. This wouldn't set the account, per se, but it would include the text you want for that message. Forms can be tacked on to the bottom of the Action menu, templates live in the file system, and stationery (for HTML) is accessed using Actions>New Mail Using>... In the end, I'm not sure this would be any faster than what you're doing now.

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