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    lookup between sheets (Excel 2002 SP1)

    Hi! I'm sure this has been answered (probably several times) here before, but a search didn't help. Feel free to point me elsewhere I have 2 text files that I periodically download from our spam blocking service, and import into Excel as 2 sheets in the same workbook. On both sheets, column A contains the email account name (e.g, ""). Sheet1 has most of the required information, but Sheet2 has a column ([img]/forums/images/smilies/cool.gif[/img] of values (blocked messages) that I need to reference in a formula from a column in Sheet1. Not all of the column A entries on Sheet2 have corresponding entries on Sheet1 (and vice versa, but that doesn't matter). I know how to reference values between sheets, but what is the easiest way to lookup the Sheet2, Column B value by the Sheet1, Column A entry to calculate, and create and populate Sheet1 rows from Sheet2 that do not exist on Sheet1? Whew! Hope that is clearer than I fear. Thanks.

    Scott Miller

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    Re: lookup between sheets (Excel 2002 SP1)

    Could you combine them into one sheet, then use the advanced filter to filter just the unique items and copy this range to a new sheet?


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