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    Differences between VB Script & VB6 (VB6 or VB Script)

    I created several forms using MS Outlook 98 with VB Script. Now I want to upgade them to MS Outlook 2003. I am not a programmer so I was hoping to just copy the old script into the new forms. I use things like:
    1. Set dbe=Application.CreateObject("DAO.DBEngine.36") - How would I change this for 2003 User? What if some of my users are only going up to 2002 Ofiice?
    2. Is there a book or ref. material that can show me the differences with VB Script and VB6? Is there a log of new coding I would need to upgrade?
    3. If we have a mixed group using Office 2002 & 2003 how can I create Outlooks that they can both write to a database?
    4. Would my database be in 2002 or 2003 for my users?

    Not sure if i worded this right.

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    Re: Differences between VB Script & VB6 (VB6 or VB

    1. Later versions of Office seem to prefer ADO over DAO. If you have not done any ADO programming and are not interested in rewriting your code to uses its objects and methods, you probably will need to add DAO to the users' computers. Folks in the Access forum could clarify this.

    2. Do forms in Outlook 2003 use VB6? I think forms still use VBScript internally. If you have a test machine with Outlook 2003, try it out. As for differences, the main differences relate to how you access the host environment, and some additional features in VB that you didn't have in VBS. The online help for Outlook traditionally has given examples in both syntaxes. Books specific to Outlook development probably are your best bet, rather than a more general VB or VBS book.

    3. and 4. If you use ADO, you select a provider (e.g., Jet 3.5 or Jet 4.0) which is specific to a file format for Access MDB files. I don't remember how it works in DAO, sorry! I think these also are good questions for the Access forum.

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