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    Access with MapPoint (Access 2003)

    First off let me say I know almost nothing about Access or MapPoint. I'm an Excel geek but have a potential Access project I need to figure out.

    I have about 200,000 records in an Access database which contain fields Name, City, State, Zip. I then have a second set of data (unknown format at this time but about 80 records) which is a list of City, State. I need to generate a report whereby the second list (City,State) is overlayed on top of the Access data - where the two intersect that is. Ideally I'd like to plot on a map the # of people for that City/State match (hence MapPoint).

    <pre>TABLE #1. Customers
    Name City State Zip
    Joe San Jose CA 11111
    Sue Fresno CA 11199
    Mike San Jose CA 11111
    Sue Dallas TX 77222
    Karen Ferndale MI 44888
    Jack Chicago IL 50111
    Janet Chicago IL 50111</pre>

    <pre>TABLE #2. Selections:
    City State
    San Jose CA
    Chicago IL</pre>

    So I'd have a USA map with markers at San Jose, CA and Chicago, IL with a count of customers in those areas.

    1. Should I just use Excel (since I know it much better than Access) to do the query for the matches (in this case, all San Jose and Chicago matches)
    2. What's the learning curve for MapPoint (I only have one week to get this done)

    Other ideas?


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    Re: Access with MapPoint (Access 2003)

    I know absolutely zilch about MapPoint, but if you are trying to put 200,000 records into Excel you will have some challenges. Access on the other hand will handle that with aplomb and can grow to literally millions of records. It is also very good at joining tables based on common fields. I would almost certainly choose Access in this case. As for MapPoint, sorry I can't help with that - maybe someone else can.

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