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    Restart Numbering is unavailable (Word 2000)

    When I try to restart numbering in a list using Format->Bullets and Numbering, the Restart Numbering option is unavailable.
    I have created the style based on Normal.
    Does anyone know why?

    I ihave done a search of this lounge and could not find any discussion about this. If the question has been answered already, I'm sorry to bother you. Please direct me to the existing thread.

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    Re: Restart Numbering is unavailable (Word 2000)

    Hi Judith:
    This is a bug in Word 2000. The most common cause for Restart Numbering option to be greyed out is that you have several simple numbered lists separated by other styles. When you go to restart the list, it's greyed out. Dave Rado, MVP noticed this & advises that you use Outline Numbered lists instead. (If you have Word 97 available, you'll note that you can open the document with Word 97 & the restart option is available.)

    You can see the following articles that may help on the Word MVP site:
    Dave Rado's article in a newsgroup
    Restarting list numbering using a higher level style
    How to restart style-based numbering
    Restarting list numbering manually with the Restart Numbering command
    Hope this helps,

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