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    Sharing Spreadsheets

    Hi Everyone....

    About 4 departments are working on a project in our company and we need to all have the same data (we have a problem of always having different data due to everyone keeping their 'own' spreadsheets)

    A database is being developed but won't be ready for about 6 months. In the meantime we were thinking of using a spreadsheet on the shared server to track our data. What are the advantages & disadvantages of this.

    What is the best way to update the data? How do we make sure noone overwrites the most current sheet?



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    Re: Sharing Spreadsheets

    I'm not clear on a couple of points.

    What type of network are you running?

    When you say "make sure no-one overwrites the most current sheet", is the intention to update the sheet then save is with a new name? (Open TEST22.XLS and save as TEST23.XLS).

    Setting up shared Excel files is fairly straight forward, so long as everyone works off just that file. Just use "Tools" and "Share Worhbook".

    Be warned. though, I had a horror story of a department sharing a file but one person copied it in to their "Breifcase". When this version was updated both copies "vanished". Thank God it was Netware and we could "salvage" the network copy.

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    Re: Sharing Spreadsheets

    When I wrote this email I didn't realize how straightforward it was to 'share' a workbook in Excel.

    Now that I've read up on it, I think we won't be having any troubles...

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