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    Insert Files of Type menu default

    When I call up the Insert Picture from File menu (alt+i/p/f for keyboard shortcut fans) the menu defaults to look for Files of Type: Enhanced Metafile (*.emf). Consequently, I must manually change the Files of Type selection so that I can find All Files (*.*) each time I call upon this function, which is to say 10-50 times a day. What's most maddening is that until recently the menu did default to All Files. I don't know why it changed, and I can't find any way to change it back. Argh.

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    Re: Insert Files of Type menu default

    You don't mention what version of Word you're using. But no matter. It sounds as if it's one of those quirks one can attributed to either an add-in or a corrupt file.

    First, In Tools / Templates & Add-Ins, unmark any add-ins (particularly a recent one) and see if it's remedied. If not, exit Word, locate and rename to Then fire up Word and see if the behavior has been corrected. If it has, and you have any customizations in your oldnormal, you can use organizer to copy them. Be careful though, one of those customizations may contain the corruption which began this process.


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