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    mail merge macro

    I would like to have a button in Outlook that takes the selected contact(s) and merges it (or them) to a specific word document. I can get a button that gives me the mail merge dialog but the defaults all have to be changed and it takes forever (relatively speaking. Anyone have any ideas

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    Re: mail merge macro

    don't use mail merge dialog. send it directly to the word doc, using bookmarks. you might need to use cdo, it's been a few months since i played with it. i'll see if i can dig up some code, or look at <A target="_blank" HREF=></A>

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    Re: mail merge macro

    You could try a cool Outlook addin called Aladdins - Word Documents. It adds heaps of functionality to OL.
    Find it at:
    It costs $20 after a 30 day trial but makes composing any documents using OL contact data a breeze and mail merge in 2 mouse clicks!

    ED: Posted by the product's author.

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