We have a 10-computer peer-to-peer network on which there are three printers, 2 attached to Win98 computers and 1 attached to a WinXP computer. The Win98 computers have the latest Windows updates. Before installing WinXP SP2 on one of the computers (with no printer attached), no problem. After installing SP2, the computer slows to a crawl when the default printer is one of the printers attached to a Win98 computer (doesn't matter which). Programs load slowly, files load into programs slowly, files print slowly, files save slowly. Switch to the Win XP printer and the speed is back to normal. (If the normal speed to load a file is 2 to 3 seconds, the slow speed to load would be in the 35 to 45 second range.) If you install both WinXP and Win98 printer drivers on the computer, the speed increases, but the lag remains.

Any suggestions as to how to debug this problem?