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    corrupt references links (Office2002 SP3)

    hey there

    the jist of my code is:
    The Word application is open, in the background I've opened a Word object & make amendments to the document thats located on the local C:drive >save the file & close the word object.
    The file is linked to the our templates.

    The issue thats recently happened is: when the Word object opens up to work on the document - an error message is displayed mentioning the global templates can not be access, in 'C:Temp..template name'. when the actual template resides in C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeTemplates...

    When I open up the local C:drive document & check the references ie in VBA editor>goto the Project window>locate the Project document>folder references - the result is its no longer attached to the template. the Reference displayed is: ~WRC3352.tmp

    The solutions I've applied are:
    1. remove all references & then relink > the result is no success
    2. in the Word object code - ive added code to open the global templates displayed in the error message 1st > then open up the doc to amend >the result is very inconsistent results - it will work smoothly. then if we run again - it wont work.
    3. From >I've created another template - that has no code or no references in this new template & attached the working doc to this new template> the result is: this works however we need to run the code of the orginial template.
    4. if I move the global templates to C:temp>, meaning I have the orginial templates in the location C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeTemplates...and then a copy of the global templates in C:temp>, the result is: this will works however this is messy and really only a band-aid fix.

    any other suggestions?

    any other ideas?

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    Re: corrupt references links (Office2002 SP3)

    I don't know a solution, but you mentioned in another thread that you are using a document management system. This is probably the culprit - it means that files are not where Word expects them to be. Maybe someone who also uses a document management system has ideas.

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