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    Finding Links to Other Workbook (Excel 2000 SP3)

    Following my posting "Copying Whole Worksheets" a couple of days ago - thanks for the replies by the way - I have created a new monster-model which involved merging selected worksheets from 3 previously separate models. The new monster has 26 worksheets, and will take some managing!!

    I thought in copying the worksheets across, that I had managed to avoid creating any references back to the source model (the subject of my previous post), but now when I have opened the new model this morning - probably for the first time when none of the source models are open - I am getting this message:-

    "The workbook you opened contains automatic links to information in another workbook. Do you want to update this workbook with changes made to the other workbook?"

    This obviously implies that I did inadvertently introduce some references back to the source workbook, but as I want the new merged model to be stand-alone, I want to remove any such links.

    And so to my question!

    How on earth do I find them?

    At 26 worksheets, some of which are huge, it is like looking for a needle in - well you know what I mean!

    I've tried using Find with *[* as the thing I am looking for - because I thought all auto-created references back to another workbook were in square brackets - but this doesn't successfully locate anything.

    The models (source and merged) do have macros (which I haven't yet altered in the merged model) but am I right in thinking that any copying of worksheets from one workbook to another, wouldn't have altered any cell references in a macro (because macros are effectively "hard-coded" and don't update in the same way cell references within formulas do when (for example) rows or columns are added or deleted?).

    Thanks in anticipation.


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    Re: Finding Links to Other Workbook (Excel 2000 SP3)

    1. You can use Edit | Links... to view and edit links.
    2. For more comprehensive info, download and install Bill Manville's free FindLink add-in from The Excel MVP Page.
    3. Macros are not updated automatically when you move or copy cells.

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