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    Forward Form (MS Outlook 2003)

    Using VB how do I forward a form? Below is how I used to do it when we used MS Outlook 98

    'Sub Forward1
    ' Item.To = "Daniel REyes"
    ' Item.SentOnBehalfOfName=strCAD
    ' Item.Send
    'End Sub

    With all this security stuff.. How do we do it now?

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    Re: Forward Form (MS Outlook 2003)

    You have security prompts with VBA, too. If you want to completely bypass security prompts, without buying Redemption, you may have to learn some very ugly "extended MAPI" programming.

    "Item" is used in VBScript, since it is obvious what it refers to: the message in which the script is running. In VB code, on the other hand, you usually need to be much more specific. For example, your code might refer to the top-most open message window (ActiveInspector.CurrentItem). If you are intercepting an event, an item will automatically be made available to you by that event, and you should use whatever name is in the paramters of your procedure (the VB Editor usually suggests something).

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