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    Auto Correct in Outlook? (outlook 6)

    I'm new to the forum....hope this hasn't been covered.

    In Word you can use auto correct and I have replaced the ~ key with a smiley face from Windings as I use it a lot in newsletters.

    Windings is available on there a way of changing a key so that I don't have to go to Font, Windings and select every time I wish to insert a smilie face.

    I have tried downloading a 'smilies' program, but some servers return mail if I include them and as I mail out to 190 people every now and then I get a lot of returns, especially from AOL.

    Hoping you can assist

    Great forum by the way....

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    Re: Auto Correct in Outlook? (outlook 6)

    I know this isn't a real answer, but... how about creating a Word document or a draft message with your favorite Wingdings and keeping that handy for copying and pasting?

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