Just upgraded from 2000 Office Pro to 2002 consequent to getting new HP iPAQ (the 2002 is part of their install). During the install, they ask for the 2000 SR 1 CD, and part of the install of the 2002 uses that CD. 2002 Outlook seems to work fine. But if I connect the PDA to the USB without Outlook being open my system locks with a flashing on and off Outlook and a bunch of Balloons. One says that perhaps I have two folders, A ...Microsoft Office and a Microsoft (under Programs), and that I should rename the Microsoft one. I don't have that folder. I think the problem is that something is left from the Old 2000? Any suggestions? (I once tried to uninstall 2002, then reinstall, but nothing installed at that point, though I didn't try the "Full Install" instead of the Fast install or whatever it's called. Any thoughts?