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    Add simple radio buttons to excel document (MS Excel 2002)


    I am wondering if it is possible to just add some simple radio buttons to an excel spreadsheet. There are a number of insurance websites that we use and I want to send out an email with an embedded excel spreadsheet that lists the websites with a "Yes" and a "No" column. In these two columns I would like to have a radio button that they can just click on. The trick is that I want each row (signifying a different website) to be independent from any of the other rows.

    I tried adding the radio buttons from the Forms toolbar but they all seemed to be interconnected. If I clicked on one it was fine, the minute I clicked on one in the next row the one I had just clicked on would "unclick" (sorry for being soo technical here).

    Any thoughts??
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    Re: Add simple radio buttons to excel document (MS Excel 2002)

    You should be able to find a GroupBox on the Forms toolbar. Before you add a pair of option buttons, add a groupbox and place the connected option buttons within the groupbox. Repeat for each pair.

    Alternately add the option buttons from the Control Toolbox and set GroupName property to something different for each pair.

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