Hi All,

I found a PARSE option while I was fooling around in Excel the other day. The feature is similar to the Text-To-Columns feature but is rather fixed in it's operation. It is not as flexible as Text-To-Columns as is does not work via delimiter specification. There may be use for it though as its arguments are quite easy and can be modified to suite the needs of the spreadsheet! It is better suited to split up fixed width data like codes or phone numbers, etc.

The sample below will split a code like S12-34 into 4 columns.
Col_A = S, Col_B = 12, Col_C = "Blank", Col_D = 34. (The hyphen is dropped as it is not in square brackets!)

Sub ParseCode()
Worksheets("Sheet1").Columns("A").Parse _
ParseLine:="[x][xx]-[ ][xx]", _
End Sub

A dialog can also be activated for the user to specify how to break up the data.
Type: Application.Dialogs(xlDialogParse).Show
This activates a dialog that allows the user to type in the square brackets around the code as they see fit to split it up! (PS > the user can only type square brackets ( [ ] ) into this dialog. It does not accept any other characters.

Thought I'd share this info to whoever finds it useful. (I assume it does come from the older versions of excel though, but could still be useful!)