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    Ghost query (AccessXP)

    When a certain db is viewed, first a query runs, not only does this take some time (it's a large db), but it also doubles the size of the db each time (so frequent compacts are required).

    There are NO (visible) macro's or VBA code in the db. I'm a newby here, any idea why this query runs... ??? We don't want that but cannot get rid of it if we don't know where it comes from....


    Erik Jan

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    Re: Ghost query (AccessXP)

    1. Open the database with the Shift key held down to bypass startup options.
    2. Select Tools | Options..., activate the View tab and tick the Hidden Objects check box, then click OK. This will allow you to see queries etc. that have been hidden.
    3. See if there is a macro named AutoExec. Such a macro is run automatically when the database is opened.
    4. Select Tools | Startup... and see if Display Form/Page has been set to something other than (none). If a form has been specified, this form will be opened automatically; it might have code in its On Load or On Open event to hide itself and to run a query.

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