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    Page Borders (Word 97)

    Trying to help a colleague at work, where we are on Word 97. She has a document with a border on each page, set using Format -> Borders and Shading -> Page Border. We were having troouble printing it on a particular printer, with the message that the page border was outside the printable area. The page border was set at 24 points from the page edge, so we tried to change it to 36 points (half an inch). but the message came up that the value has to be set between 0 and 31 points. I'm sure that 31 points is less than the minimum bottom margin this printer can cope with, in fact I expect 36 points would have been too. I appreciate that you can set the page border by distance from the text instead, but why is there a limit of 31 points especially as that is likely to be outside the printable area of many (most?) printers?


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    Re: Page Borders (Word 97)

    I fear that the answer is probably something banal, such as that the programmers reserved only 5 bits for each distance, so the maximum value is 2^5 - 1 = 31...

    31 points is enough for dot matrix printers and laser printers, but not for most inkjet printers...

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