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    Organization Chart Size Problem (2000)

    I am trying to help someone at work complete an Org. Chart in PPT 2000. When she opens it (the org chart) to edit by double clicking on it, it opens the Org. Chart program no problem.

    The problem starts when she tries to add a subordinate to a top line manager. She is doing it properly, clicking on the manager to select, click on subordinate button and back on the managers box. When she does this an error message appears, "Your chart cannot exceed the MS Organization Chart size limit of 22 X 17 inches. Press F1 for help." The org chart outline appears to be well within the size limit and doesn't even begin to fill up the slide which is set to 8.5 X 11 Landscape. Is there a way in PPT 2000 to resize an org chart's boundries and give it more rom to be added to? Draging from the grab handles doesn't do anything except scale up and distort the boxes. There greyed out area around the chart stays the same relative to the org chart itself.

    Thanks for any help with this.

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    Re: Organization Chart Size Problem (2000)

    Hi Thom,
    I admit that I have never encountered this problem before, and I am not too sure of the dimensions you specify as i'm not up-to-scratch with inches. Also I unfortunately do not have PPT2000 available to test on, bearing in mind that later version do not use MS Org Chart from the Insert | Object menu.

    Try doing one of the following:
    - Size text down smaller
    - Change the style of the boxes to preserve space ie, Orientate boxes vertical if horozontal, or visa versa...
    - Change borders smaller width
    - Is there a page setup under the file menu of the org. chart program? See if margins can be set further out.
    - If the problem persists, consider splitting the org. chart over 2 slides
    - Copy the structure into a blank new org. chart session
    - If all else fails, try recreating the chart afresh (obviously this is the last alternative)

    Sorry I can't be of more help!

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