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    Remove Custom Form in IMO mode

    I cannot believe how hard it is to get rid of a custom form in IMO mode. I've tried everything I can think of, searching the MS Knowledge base, here at WOPR, and Slapstick didn't turn up anything. I've pulled entries out of the registry, deleted a couple of files on my drive, deleted what I think was the form cache, yet, the entries for these custom forms keep showing up. Anyone know of a way to delete forms in IMO mode? Note, IMO does not have the Form Manager on the Advanced tab that Corporate mode does. Why, oh why?

    Thanks for any insight.

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    Re: Remove Custom Form in IMO mode

    you'll need to switch to corp mode.

    i usually recommend publishing to a special forms folder then deleting it to get rid of the forms. or saving as templates and dropping in a folder, which is faster than using the open form dialog when you want ot use one.

    you might want to try <A target="_blank" HREF=>outlook spy</A>, not sure how well it works with IMO mode. browse the pst and delete the form. (go by date) (mdbview is also a pst viewer, but not sure if it works with IMO)

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