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    Spinners (Office 97 -SR2)

    Awhile back, some of you helped me with a macro for spinners to make a basketball statsheet. It's working well, but I was just thinking that it would be even better if it's possible to make a spinner with only an UP arrow to increase the value. We'll be doing this on a laptop, and it's too easy to accidentally get the down arrow rather than the up arrow.

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    Re: Spinners (Office 97 -SR2)

    You could ignore the linked cell of the spin control, and use the SpinUp event to increase the value of another cell, as in <post#=417799>post 417799</post#>. If you don't create a procedure for the SpinDown event, clicking the Down arrow will have no effect.

    Since you are not using the Down arrow, you don't really need a spin control. You might as well replace the spin control with a standard command button, and increase the value in the On Click event of the command button.

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    Re: Spinners (Office 97 -SR2)

    Hi JPeterson,
    To see what Hans is refering to when he says that you can ignore the spinner and use a command button, see the attachment to get a simulated idea.
    To see the code behind the button, choose VIEW | TOOLBARS | CONTROL TOOLBOX. Click the Design Mode button, and then double click on the "Increment" button on the sheet. This will open up the VBA editor and allow you to copy or manipulate the code and get you started on your own sheets if you find it a better method!

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