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    Graphic popup menu (Word 2002)

    Is it possible to add a graphic popup in Word, like the 'New Comment' button in Word 2002, using my own graphic?

    I can create the popup, add a text label, and add the list that I need, but would really like to have a graphic rather than a caption.
    I'm using :

    Set cbar = CommandBars.Add("Corporate", msoBarTop)
    cbar.Visible = True
    Set mycontrol = CommandBars("Corporate").Controls.Add(msoControlPo pup)

    to create the button at the moment. I've seen msoControlGraphicPopup as a type, but can't seem to use it.

    Is it possible?


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    Re: Graphic popup menu (Word 2002)

    Not all types of CommandBarControls are available to the user/programmer. According to the online help, you can only create controls of type msoControlButton, msoControlEdit, msoControlDropdown, msoControlComboBox, and msoControlPopup. The other constants, such as msoControlGraphicPopup, can only be used to identify built-in controls, not to create custom controls.

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